Think Twice Before Buying 'Real Facebook Fans’

Money can't buy you love, and it can't buy you real Facebook fans, either, but that doesn't stop entrepreneurs from trying to sell them anyway.

Money can’t buy you love, and it can’t buy you real Facebook fans, either, but that doesn’t stop operations like from continuing to mine the cliché, “A fool and his (or her) money are soon parted.” promises 1,000 likes within 4 to 7 days for $57, 5,000 likes within 12 to 20 days for $197, or 10,000 likes within 20 to 30 days for $297 — all with a money-back guarantee.

This outfit emailed us offering the above along with a request to do a guest post. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

Before you even consider buying fans, please refer to the AllFacebook post titled, “Should You Buy Facebook Fans? Maybe Not …” In that post, Social Brawn Chief Executive Officer Tony Thor insists that you’re better off earning fans than buying them.

Like says:

We have a large network of gaming, shopping, and entertainment websites, where we provide free content including: videos, images, games, and shopping coupons. In exchange for access to this free content, we showcase your fan page to a large pool of potential fans. This process ensures you that the likes a voluntary and completely real. We aim to provide you with real people, for successful Facebook marketing. works exclusively with real human beings that will interact with your material, your comments, and, ultimately, with your product. These are not dummy accounts! With millions of Facebook fans, we have one of the largest platforms to get you the Facebook fans you need. This is a proven, effective way of identifying and getting potential customers. If you get Facebook fans from us, we make your dream come into reality.

But Thor says in his post:

Most fan-selling websites are just middlemen. They send your orders to companies in India, Pakistan, and Singapore. These outfits use spammy, hacker tactics to provide you your “100 percent real and targeted” fans.

How do I know this? I tested about 10 different fan suppliers, and not a single one yielded “100 percent real and targeted fans,” as promised. Most turned out to be fake profiles with a few real people mixed in the bunch. I even talked to page owners who’d bought fans, and not a single buyer got any increase in sales, nor engagement, after the purchase.

So. claims:

Since Facebook marketing is the newest business obsession, we genuinely believe in our product and offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee on all orders. We are the Internet’s most reliable Facebook fan provider with a large number of satisfied customers. With us, you are a valued, important customer who deserves a great deal of value for the money.

Compare that with what Thor has to say:

These services are always having issues with their PayPal accounts, which often get suspended. Some of the sellers demand payment upfront, and then never contact you again.

How can a brand or business acquire legitimate Facebook fans? Here’s Thor’s advice:

Think about successful businesses you know of. Do you think they got that way by taking shortcuts and trying out quick fix after quick fix and eventually stumbled upon one that worked? Or did they carefully craft out working business models, take action, and modify their strategy until they got the results they wanted? Most likely the latter.

The kicker is, getting fans for your fan page isn’t that difficult! As long as you have a product or service that adds value to people’s lives, people will naturally like your page. You just need to know how to use the tools that Facebook gives you to give everyone a chance to learn more about you. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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