Third Apple Co-Founder, Ronald Wayne, Releases Autobiography

Jumping ahead of this November’s launch of Walter Isaacson‘s authorized Steve Jobs biography, which forests across the earth are likely already suffering from given how many billions of copies are likely to be sold, Apple’s relatively unknown third founder has just released his own life story in book form. Although Ronald Wayne was only briefly involved with the company that would eventually become the behemoth it is today, coming on board as something of an “adult supervisor” between its two well-known founders, the aforementioned Jobs and Steve Wozniak, he left an indelible mark (MacStories reminds us that he not only “contributed to the first Apple logo” but also “drafted the initial partnership agreement to establish the company”). His recently-released autobiography, Adventures of an Apple Founder doesn’t concentrate entirely on his short time at Apple, given that he also had a long career in economic, socio-politics, aerospace and video games, but is sure to be just the thing to get people over the hump until Isaacson’s book is released. Here’s an interesting bit more from MacStories:

He was given a 10% stake in Apple which, however, he sold for $800 after a few weeks. He later received an additional $1500 for giving up on any claim of ownership in Apple, thus bringing his original 10% to $2300 worth of “profit”, whereas if he stayed on Apple until today his 10% would be worth $35 billion.

Today’s Ronald Wayne says he doesn’t regret his decision, made “with the best information available at the time”.