This Facebook Date Didn’t End Well

When Leah Gibbs was imagining how her date with Adam Minton would end up, spending the night in jail was not on her list of possible outcomes.

When Leah Gibbs, 23, of Tylorstown, South Wales, was imagining how her date with Adam Minton, 21, whom she met on Facebook, would end up, driving a getaway car wasn’t on her list of possible outcomes. But that’s exactly what happened.

According to Mail Online, when Gibbs arrived at Minton’s home, he asked her to give him a lift so that he could briefly visit a friend, so she drove him to a nearby shopping area.

fter five minutes, Minton rushed back to the car, yelling, “Go! Go! Go!,” and the “couple” returned to Minton’s house.

What Gibbs didn’t know, Mail Online reported, is that Minton entered a betting establishment while wearing a black bandana and brandishing a large kitchen knife, which he used to threaten a cashier into giving him £250 ($405.51).

That same cashier noted the registration number on her car.

According to Mail Online, when they arrived back at Minton’s home, Gibbs tried to terminate the date, saying that his demeanor toward her had become rude.

As Minton was trying to coax her into his home, the police arrived, arresting both of them.

Gibbs spent the night in jail before convincing authorities that she was not involved in the crime. Minton was not so lucky, as he was sentenced to four-and-a-half years for robbery.

She told Mail Online:

I thought I would be ending the night in Adam’s arms. Instead, he had landed in the long arms of the law, and I was facing jail. I’m grateful that he told the police I knew nothing of the robbery, but still bitter that he involved me.

Readers, does this story make you rethink whether your own worst date experiences were really that bad? David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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