This Facebook ‘Poke’ Was No Joke

Things are getting rough on the social nets. A Tennessee woman has been arrested for “poking” another woman on Facebook.

According to this article:

Shannon D. Jackson of Hendersonville, Tenn., allegedly violated a legal order of protection that had been previously filed against her when she sent a virtual “poke” to another woman on Facebook.

The Facebook poke feature can be used to convey a variety of meanings, including simply saying “hi” to friends, according to Facebook. When you poke someone, an alert pops up in the corner of that person’s Facebook page notifying them of your poke.

A protective order filed against Jackson on June 10 prohibited her from “telephoning, contacting or otherwise communicating with the petitioner, directly or indirectly,”’s Ki Mae Heussner reports. Clearly Facebook poking falls under “otherwise communicating.” Jackson’s lawyer said he is seeking evidence to determine whether the poke came from his client’s account or an imposter and whether it was sent from Jackson’s computer.

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