THIS JUST IN: Cannabis Sales Creating Some High Times for U.S. Business

THIS JUST IN 2If you watch the news, you may recall there was this mild kerfuffle about legalizing the hippie lettuce.

And in Seattle and Denver (where they smoke so much weed that with a good southern and western front, the entire state of Idaho is baked for about 10 days), it was permitted.

People were happy rolling more joints than burritos. Hipsters would sit on the City Hall steps in makeshift Hookah lounges. And the police would just mosey on by, while considering a trip to get some waffles from some reason.

Then, this report from the Marijuana Business Daily (yes, that’s a thing) offers some reasons on why marijuana may be legalized nationwide in a couple of years. In fact, 8 billion of them. In summary, this report that must have the U.S. Department of Labor with a case of the munchies says by the year 2018, the retail marijuana industry could see an estimated $8.2 billion in sales. I know, brah! Like, totally.

“This total is conservative –- the reality of retail sales could be larger,” Chris Walsh, editor of CannaBusiness Media, the publisher of both the Factbook and Marijuana Business Dailysaid in a statement. “Nor does it include wholesale cannabis sales, or the billions of dollars in ancillary cannabusiness revenues such as growing equipment, real estate, legal fees, testing labs, paraphernalia, etc.”

Portugal Marijuana MarchWait, what? Conservative?!

With a number like that, Rush Limbaugh would consider getting into the pot business. You know? For medicinal purposes. And speaking of which, did you know there are 20 states with legal medical marijuana? Given the sweet resources for entrepreneurs this recreational marijuana is providing Colorado and Washington, there are approximately a dozen other states are expected to legalize marijuana in some form in the coming years.

Now, you are a PR director for an anti-dope company. What’s your argument against $8 billion to the U.S. economy? Before you answer, they had the same dilemma before prohibition about booze. It is like an athlete that cheats. If he or she makes the great business money, you could stop an elephant in its tracks with the shock of how many blind eyes turn to legalizing marijuana.

And given its effects, you would need to feed said safari animals one hell of a peanut buffet too. So there’s that. Looks like Golden Corral is cheering for this business too. Only in America.