THIS JUST IN: Phi Kappa Tau Disbanded Over ‘Rapebait’

THIS JUST IN 2Whelp, as if you needed another reasons to encourage your son to stray far from fraternities, here’s news from Georgia Tech University.

As is the case with most pubescent-angst filled frat houses, the university’s council just wrapped up a months-long study on Phi Kappa Tau’s “frat practices.” Following said study, the university’s chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was forced to disband.

Based on its investigations in the case, the Office of Student Integrity (OSI) found multiple instances where the chapter violated the rules set forth by when it was originally placed on probation Nov. 1, 2013.

Oh yeah, “Rapebait” was the unfortunate nickname of the frat’s social chair. So, that’s classy.

From this story in the highly authoritative outlet BroBible, the first violation occurred when two fraternity members, one of whom was Matthew Petersen, the author of the “rape bait” email, furnished alcohol to minors, according to GTPD Incident Report 14020433.

phi kappa tauThat was probation. Of course, the misfits of GT’s Phi Kappa Tau never really learned from the incident, and then this happened:

Georgia Tech uncovered a “pattern of sexual violence” in the frat that “suggested a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent, and endangers women.” And after continuous violations committed after the start of the frat’s probation period last November, the Office of Student Integrity told the brothers to vacate their house and cease all activity.

Need more evidence of the downfall of higher education: According to the official letter from OSI to the fraternity that was obtained by the Technique, additional reasons for Phi Kappa Tau’s dismissal include a “pattern of sexual violence that…suggests a deep-rooted culture within the fraternity that is obscene, indecent and endangers women.”

Be warned: If you click on the BroBible link, there is a Christmas song that speaks of the violent things those fools want to do with a Yuletide log to women. Seriously offensive and alarming stuff. And after you read that, “Rapebait” apologized. Think that worked? Yeah, not so much.

BTW, if your child attends Georgia Tech, reconsider junior college or trade school. Mmmmkay? Thanks.