This Might Be the Dumbest Tweet Ever Written by a Politician

We’re not quite sure what irritates us most about North Carolina state senator Bob Rucho‘s message: his mediocre-at-best grasp of the English language, his choice to completely butcher a great historical quote, or his decision to break a cardinal law of political discourse by comparing his adversaries to Nazis. The fact that he threw communists and terrorists in there for good measure and that he has called his critics “weenies” shows us that he might have committed a brilliant act of trolling.

Let’s count the errors here: possessive fail, subject-verb agreement fail, using “then” instead of “than”…

Rucho later made an attempt to explain himself:

Right, but everybody already knew that and context was not the issue. Oh, and you spelled the guy’s name wrong, too. Google is your friend.

For some politicians this kind of stuff counts more as a fundraising win than a communications failure: dozens of people favorited and shared that first tweet, and they weren’t all doing it to mock the overeager senator. It also won him a bit of attention over the weekend from left-leaning blogs, and we have a feeling he’ll use it as a call to arms like our own home state’s House rep Joe Wilson. (The first suggestion you’ll get when Googling his name is “You Lie!”)

Of course, if Rucho were a successful figure in the business world or a serious politician on the national level, he would be spending the next few days offering half-assed “my enemies just can’t take a joke” apologies. But nobody outside the state of North Carolina had ever heard his name before this weekend.

As native South Carolinians, we have to say: thanks for making us look good by default, mister Bob.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.