This New Vampire Web Series Sucks…Blood

If there’s anything worse than a vampire, it’s an unfaithful vampire with poor impulse control.

Picking up where he left off with his Showdown award-winning vampire spoof, Twilight – 5 Years Later, L.A.-based screenwriter Jacob Fleisher is back with another vampire short now showing on — and below.

In Intercourse With a Vampire, Episode 1, Fleisher plays vampire Larry, who mugs, whines, lies, rationalizes and drinks wine with a straw, all in less than 3 minutes. (The undead are efficient that way.) Still, we should cut him some slack for demonstrating proper dental hygiene. Those fangs have to last an eternity, you know. Ever see a vampire try to gum a victim? It’s sorta sad.

Intercourse With A Vampire, Episode 1

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