This Perfect Phone Leash is Made for Perfectly Clumsy Phone Users

If a dog can use a leash, so can your phone! We’re only half serious, but there must be a market for this widget – a pants to phone leash to prevent you from dropping your phone into a deadly pool, or, the dreaded toilet of despair.

Highline is a (30 pin) iPhone bungee leash that truly cares about keeping you together with your phone no matter what. Highline keeps your phone safe from falls, accidental drops, absent mindedness and even deters theft.

If you’re climbing a giant mountain, you might look at bit odd, but you’ll have the last laughs when you’re not manually fishing it out of the restaurant bathroom. There are other benefits as well – maybe you ride a bike, dance, or need to run to catch the bus and your phone decides to go flying everywhere? This is a problem ladies don’t typically deal with, so if there are gents reading, can you advise me on how liberating it might be to put your phone on a leash?


Thanks Wired!

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