This Real-Time Map Tells You What Scale of Video Production Is Possible in Every Country

While nations remain shuttered, shoots are still possible in some form

video shoot
Some form of video production is possible in every country. Jakob Owens/Unsplash

Despite coronavirus quarantine measures making full-scale video shoots impossible in most places, at least some form of production is still possible.

That’s according to a new world map from creative marketing platform Genero, which tracks the status of video production potential given the severity of infection rates and lockdown policies in each country. The levels range from “post production & studio product shoots,” such as animation, editing and augmented reality, to “full-scale productions possible,” the latter of which is only true of Taiwan at the moment.

The statuses are based on data gathered from creators using the Genero platform and verified with media reports and accounts of measures taken in every country.

The company notes that lighter regulations in places including Greece, the Netherlands and Portugal allow for setups with small crews and some talent, while live production and shoots with talent on location are possible in markets such as Canada, China and Australia.


Genero co-founder and CEO Mick Entwisle said the project was inspired by concerns the company was hearing from its clients about how to continue producing content amid the quarantine.

“Our clients were sharing their anxieties and uncertainty about how to pivot their marketing plans and continue producing content during the pandemic,” Entwisle said in an email. “They wanted to understand the full range of options on a global scale, so they could make educated, informed and safe decisions about production.”

Entwisle said Genero has already been working privately with brands including HP, Facebook, the BBC and Universal Music on how to safely navigate production in their given environments. “Our target audience is any brand, agency, publication or music artist looking to continue to create visual content during this time,” Entwisle said.

@patrickkulp Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.