This Week’s Fastest Growing Facebook Applications

With an immense lead that even surpassed its previous-week total, No. 1 Sims Social isn't budging.

With an immense lead that even surpassed its previous-week total, No. 1 Sims Social isn’t budging. A new dating app is making tremendous progress, and we watch where the competitive page-creation tools rank. Don’t forget to go more in-depth with our fully integrated AllFacebook’s & Inside Network’s AppData Statistic Tool.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name DAU MAU Weekly Growth
1. The Sims Social 11,299,942 53,178,785 12,967,511
2. TopFace 663,427 6,948,456 3,954,477
3. Static HTML: iframe tabs 3,223,399 54,160,166 3,524,884
4. 60photos 622,296 31,007,461 11,448,606
5. Welcome Tab 492,301 13,346,419 1,348,045
6. Static Iframe Tab 421,549 12,654,862 1,332,619
7. iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML 722,453 17,588,763 895,180
8. Social Empires 722,453 17,588,763 895,180
9. Static HTML… [Third Tab] 108,249 2,328,328 856,629
10. Friends Photos 143,939 4,575,451 787,715
11. Static HTML… [Second Tab] 434,782 5,474,068 750,209
12. Pioneer Trail 2,623,346 19,240,800 718,699
13. schoolFeed 227,080 1,755,982 715,240
14. Zuma Blitz 688,500 5,726,967 671,044
15. MyCalendar – Birthdays 976,601 14,946,208 662,664
16. Your Funny Apps ! 98,367 661,496 622,608
17. Adventure World 3,947,666 9,152,856 547,169
18. VideoPro 85,789 1,091,206 534,128
19. Diamond Dash 2,045,431 12,174,680 487,871
20. Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon 240,430 3,569,910 485,688


We are nearing the one-month marker since the official release of The Sims Social. The Electronic Arts hit creation showed absolutely no signs of slowing down anytime soon as it led the pack once again — and squashed its previous weekly growth total — increasing by 12,967,511 gamers.

Unfortunately for this slightly peculiar Welcome Tab that links to The Sims, the 1,348,045 users heading toward the app were only good enough for a decreasing fifth-place finish.

Social Point’s fastest growing competitor, Social Empires, held steady; 895,180 new players put it in eighth place once again.

Zynga was behind two different options placing this time. While its dwindling daily numbers may hinder its future success, Pioneer Trail‘s weekly growth total of 718,699 placed it in 12th. Slowly advancing to 17th after its launch earlier in the month, take to the jungle with 547,169 outdoorsy types in Adventure World.

Electronic Arts didn’t see similar success for its gaming option, with Zuma Blitz finishing in 14th. Dropping by a large margin, the application settled for the second half of the countdown after weekly growth of 671,044.

Continuing its slow downfall, Wooga’s Diamond Dash lost ground yet again. Lingering two spots below, in 19th now, 487,871 new adders helped it hang on for another seven days.

Daters, Friends, & Classmates

Taking positive strides forward, it seems that rating photos and mingling with fellow, hopefully single, Facebookers had a hit week approaching the start of autumn. TopFace leaped 13 spots forward to become our No. 2 contender by amassing 3,954,477 new daters.

Students can now connect on projects with fellow classmates using SchoolFeed; 715,240 people placed the newcomer in the 13th position.

Looking to keep the birthdays of those close to you in order? MyCalendar – Birthdays is currently the popular choice in 15th place, with 662,664 organizers keeping the once-popular trend alive.

Page-Creation Tools

Making a notable return in third by tallying a tabs built and viewed total of 3,524,884, Static HTML: iframe tabs once again led the page-creation trend.

Static Iframe Tab — developed by Woobox — moved one position backward to sixth, nabbing a 1,332,619 weekly growth increase. The opposite pattern occured for IWipa, as the tool jumped three spots to seventh, managing a 895,180 seven-day total.

The obvious goal for page administrators is to find ways to engage a growing audience. First time appearer Static HTML… [Third Tab] was one example, found in ninth and amassing a 856,629 weekly growth finish. Not far back, Static HTML… [Second Tab] witnessed a 750,209-add, ninth-place week. Static IFRAME Tab : ThumbsUp Icon rounded out the countdown by seeing a progression of 485,688.

Just For Fun

Although I still question its layout, a 11,448,606-addition comeback served to prove me wrong. In the fourth position, 60photos made a thunderous return. A similar alternative way to look through the photos of those close to you on the social network is Friends Photos; 787,715 adds dropped it into 10th.