This Week In Facebook – October 11, 2009

The past week for Facebook has been a relatively calm one, aside for the service interruption that has been affecting an unknown number of users. Given that I was hosting a conference on Monday, we were fairly slow with the updates last week. However, we’re back on schedule and updating as usual. Also included in this week’s article is our regularly posted “This Week In Facebook” video produced by Megan O’Neill (who you can follow here).

Hitwise Releasees Data That Facebook’s U.S. Traffic Has Tripled

Last week I posted about new Hitwise data which showed Facebook’s domestic traffic tripling over the past year. It was at the expense of MySpace who’s traffic was down a whopping 50 percent. Also included in the report was data that showed Twitter traffic up over 1,100 percent. It’s not surprising considering all the buzz about the company recently. However Twitter still has a very long way to go before it’s as large as Facebook.

Facebook Lite Released In Multiple Languages

Earlier in the week, Facebook officially launched support for Facebook Lite in 70 languages. The new languages were provided by Facebook’s extremely successful “Translations” application which crowd-sources the entire translations process. With Facebook Lite serving as the fast loading version of Facebook, translating the application was important so that users from around the world could begin to access it.

Facebook Is Down For Unknown Number Of Users

For the past week Facebook has been down for an unknown number of users. On Saturday we posted about the incident and quickly received a large volume of comments about the issue. We’ve also received a number of reports from friends and readers about accounts which are currently inaccessible. This is a big deal for Facebook as they’ve been extremely reliable even while experiencing rapid growth.

Facebook Releases The Gross National Happiness

Earlier in the week, Facebook released their Gross National Happiness Index, which measures the level of happiness among U.S. Facebook users. The information is compiled using sentiment analysis of Facebook users from across the site. The happiest times of the year appear to be major U.S. holidays, including Thanksgiving which appears to set happiness records every year!

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