This Week In Social Games – May 28th, 2010

This week we saw Yahoo! and Zynga partner up to distribute social games across the Yahoo! network, American Idol announce their own Facebook game, EA Sports and Playfish launch FIFA Superstars just in time for the World Cup, Nexon (makers of Maplestory) revenues rise to over $500 million and more. We also wrote an examination of in-game advertising and looked at some of the best social features in today’s social games. Read more after the jump!

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Here are the highlights from this week in social games.

Yahoo!, Zynga Partner to Distribute Social Games Across Yahoo! Network

Yahoo! today announced a partnership with Zynga that will integrate Zynga’s social games across the Yahoo! network. The partnership puts Zynga games in front of 600 million Yahoo! users and creates new ‘ports’ of Zynga’s games that use the Yahoo API so players can see their updates across Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger. The games will be released in the coming months and there aren’t any details about which games will specifically be released. Read on for more information from the release.

American Idol Star Experience Lets Facebook Be The Audience

American Idol Star Experience is a PC game that integrates with social media to allow players to create their own Idol and see how other people evaluate him or her. The game is being created by Interactive entertainment company Ludia and FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME), and will be available on May 26th to coincide with the American Idol season finale. The game is unique in that players download the PC component to create content, but anybody that has a Facebook account can view that content without the download. The game is being made by the creators of the hit Family Feud game.

EA Sports and Playfish Launch FIFA Superstars for Facebook

The buzz has been growing and growing, and just in time for the World Cup of Soccer, Playfish and FIFA have launched their new FIFA Superstars game on Facebook, and it’s good. The game is a soccer management game, and doesn’t have any live gameplay yet, but the simulation mode looks fantastic and the game uses the FIFA license to include every real soccer player and team you can imagine. If you enjoy soccer, you’ve got to give this one a shot.

Nexon Revenues Rise 56% In 2009 To $561.5 Million

The South Korean-based online game publisher of free-to-play games announced its worldwide revenues climbed to 703.6 billion in 2009 (in Korean currency), increasing 56 percent from revenues in 2008. Additionally, the North American division posted a 31 percent increase in revenues in 2009, marking the first time non-Koreans accounted for majority of Nexon’s global revenue. Read more after the jump.

A Brief Look At In-Game Advertising

The massive global gaming industry – with over $57 billion in revenues according to DFC Intelligence – is becoming an important focus for media planning agencies. Recent research shows in-game ads increased purchase intent, brand recommendation, brand rating and engagement metrics all across the board. The studies were conducted by a company known as Initiative that looked at 3 case studies and information was also derived from Avenue Razorfish’s 2010 Outlook Report. Read more after the jump.

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