This Week In Viral Videos – April 30, 2010

What do beer, graphic violence, and massive cleavage have in common? They are all part of our picks for the top viral videos of the week. We’ve narrowed down the most popular videos of the week to five. We hope you like them!

M.I.A. ‘Born Free’

M.I.A.’s new music video ‘Born Free’ comes in first on our list because it has been all over the news this week.   The video, which was banned from YouTube due to graphic violence, depicts armed police capturing redheads and executing them. Because of the massive news coverage that ‘Born Free’ has been receiving this week it has gotten millions of views around the web, proving that controversy is always a great way to go viral.

The 9-minute clip, which was directed by Romain Gavras, is extremely well made. However, it is pretty disturbing and hard to watch so only click play if you think you have the stomach for it.

Banned Lane Bryant Commercial

Following in M.I.A.’s footsteps, this video has gotten over 2.5 million views because of the controversy surrounding it. This commercial was supposedly banned by ABC and Fox, so of course everyone wants to see it! Add to the mix some out of this world cleavage and you have the perfect recipe for virality. Boobs equals Views.

Heineken ‘Men With Talent’

Heineken released a follow up to their ‘Walk In Fridge’ commercial from last year. The clip, which mocks all the television talent shows of today, features men showing off their talents. Of course, all of the talents showcased are beer-related.

As Seen On TV – A Tribute To Doing It Wrong

This is possibly one of the best YouTube montages ever made. The creator put together a series of infomercial clips of people demonstrating people doing things wrong. We think it’s hilarious. Enjoy!

Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear Commercial

In preparation for the release of Toy Story 3, Pixar leaked a series of fake 1980s commercials onto YouTube, featuring one of their new characters – Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. Pixar had a lot of people fooled into thinking this was an actual commercial and this video makes our list for creativity!

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