This Week In Viral Videos – May 7, 2010

From pop song parodies to a surprise dance routine, a forceful Lego tribute, and an exploding potato, this week had a lot to offer in the viral video department. As usual, we’ve put together a list of the videos that really stood out for us this week. Enjoy!

Telephone Remake

A group of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan became instant stars when they uploaded their remake of Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’. The video was uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago but really started spreading over the weekend and beginning of this week. It has over 3.7 million views so far.

The real fun starts at 1:37, when we see the group of soldiers dressed in their best makeshift Gaga outfits. When high fashion comes to the bunkers in Afghanistan you know you’re in business in the world of viral video.

Simpsons Intro – Kesha Tik-Tok

In last Sunday’s episode, The Simpsons jumped on the parody bandwagon with a brand new intro, lip-dubbed to Kesha’s song ‘Tik-Tok’. The intro was uploaded to YouTube and has received over a million views this week. The Simpsons have always been original with their subtle intro changes, but this Kesha parody intro came as a surprise to everyone! We love it. What do you think?

Google Chrome Speed Tests

Google Chrome is fast, and to prove it they’ve uploaded a video of speed tests to YouTube this week. The speed of a page loading in Google Chrome is compared to the speed of a potato being shot out of a potato gun, sound waves and lightening. Of course, Google Chrome comes out on top and almost 1 million people have watched in the first three days.

The Fastest and Funniest LEGO Star Wars story ever told

In perfect time for Star Wars Day on May 4, a video hit YouTube that tells the entire Star Wars saga in two minutes using only Legos. It has over 840,000 views so far.

Flash Mob at the Ohio Union

The latest flash mob video was also uploaded to YouTube this week. Ohio State University students and staff broke out in spontaneous dance to the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at the Ohio State Union on Monday. Over 757,000 have watched the performance on YouTube so far.

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