Threadless Wants Your Texts as Shirts on Their New Type Tees App

threadless2If you can think of a witty phrase to wear, check out the new app from longtime graphic-T web store, Threadless. Its original website allowed artists to submit designs for voting with only winning designs moving into actual threads. The new app, however, is specifically for those who just want to share their tweet on their heart.

Once you’ve decided on the words you want to wear, just download the app and use the easy interface to stick to a tee. EAch one will set you back $22 USD, but at least it will be a phrase of your own choosing. If you really think your shirt of texts are worth more than one print, you can share the  design to others so they too, can dole out $22.

Expect the tees to ship within 22-48 hours. If you only want designer tees and needs more graphic and less type, check out the Threadles e-commerce app. 


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