Three People Getting Unexpected Buzz From the Grammys

Last night’s Grammy awards generated press for some very obvious reasons. Awards were handed out, which always gets attention. It drew the second-highest number of viewers in the history of the broadcast. Famous people got dressed up. Ooh and ahh. And there were live performances, which leaves the door open for the hot messitude that was Nicki Minaj’s “exorcism” as well as the loveliness that was Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston.

But the Grammys are also creating unexpected buzz for some lucky/unlucky buzz-getters.

Last night’s performance aside, Minaj was widely expected to walk away with the “Best New Artist” award. But, like Esperanza Spalding, who enraged Justin Bieber fans by swooping in and taking the award last year, Bon Iver came out of no where with the win.

Who is Bon Iver? That’s what a lot of people were asking themselves when the slightly balding, kind of disheveled Justin Vernon took the stage to accept his Grammy. There’s a Tumblr to specifically answer this question. And the question is serving as the headline to a few news stories.

But actually, Bon Iver’s first album came out about four years ago. So the second Bon Iver-related question everyone is asking is, “What exactly do the Grammy folks consider ‘new’?”

Of course, the big winner last night was Adele. In one of her many acceptance speeches, she thanked Dr. Steven Zeitels who performed the successful throat surgery that brought her back to the stage last night. Today, the name “Dr. Zeitels” is on the tip of a few tongues.  He has talked with the media about the procedure he performed on Adele to restore her voice. And had been the subject of stories about her recovery in anticipation of her performance.

Last, but certainly not least, Fergie only made an appearance to present an award. But she did so in a see- through orange Jean Paul Gaultier creation that showcased a black bra and “granny panties.” So everyone is talking about how bad she looked. Our two cents: The idea is nice, but the execution is problematic. It’s basically Halloween couture. Egads.

[Top photo:Bon Iver Credit: Lucy Nicholson, Reuters. Photo right via The Fab Life]

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