Three Real Stories of How to Ramp up That Salary (They Did It & You Can, Too!)

Pssst. Over here. If you want to boost your income, take these pointers from women who have been there, done that.


According to a DailyWorth piece, several women took on different approaches to boosting their income and they achieved it.

Meet sales director Melanie Erickson. She ramped up her salary to the tune of 20 percent by approaching her boss. Well, she planned ahead and then approached her boss.

After successfully completing a huge project, she approached leadership while “this major initiative was still fresh in their minds.” Not only that but she created a three-page executive proposal aptly titled, ‘Why I deserve more.” Relying on and, she surmised what peers were earning and proved she was undervalued and therefore underpaid. Then she outlined her work achievements by showing that she met and/or exceeded all of them.

She told the site, “It wasn’t, ‘I want a raise.’ It was, ‘I want to bring my compensation in line with my business responsibilities and contributions.’” Keep in mind she didn’t tell her boss why she wanted the meeting (ahem, to discuss compensation) nor did she email the proposal ahead of time. She requested a meeting on neutral ground — in a conference room.Need another anecdote? Demi Karpouzos, small business owner and strategical coach, boosted her income by 47 percent as a result of hiring a business coach.

As a small business coach, she confessed to “hiding behind the computer screen.” Instead of getting out there to meet potential clients, her debts increased and panic mode set in. Well, she took $10,000 and hired a business coach who encouraged her to get over her fear of public speaking and prepare for conducting free presentations to small groups.

Karpouzos explained to DailyWorth, “As I did that I got more comfortable, but even better I was getting great feedback and getting a lot of clients too.”

By focusing on marketing and our favorite, networking, she streamlined her days by beginning by tackling the most challenging task first. In addition, her coach prodded her to raise her rates and over the past three years she’s increased her income to the tune of six figures!

As for one last tale, Brittney Borowicz catapulted her income by 90 percent! Yes, you read that right. Right out of college she started working as a news director at a television station in the midwest. Um, dare we mention her salary? Per hour she earned $10. That equates to $21,000 per year for the 3 to 11 p.m. shift, a salary that pulled in less money than when she bartended in college.

She told the site, “So going into my first professional job and making less than what I made in college was very frustrating.”

Realizing her boss earned merely $4 more per hour than she did, Borowicz noticed a stark reality. “I realized, ‘Oh my gosh, I might be here for 20 years and only be making $14 an hour. I can’t do that.’”

So, we cringe saying this but alas, she left the field. She started recruiting new banking customers at a local credit union and the rest is history. She honed the skills she already relied on in school such as public speaking and writing to rock out to her new job.

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