Three Reminders for Holiday Office Parties (Translation: Don’t Be That Guy or Gal)

It’s that time of year again!

As holiday parties get into full swing, chances are someone in your office will have too much to drink and how shall we put this? Get a little bold and brazen.

Instead of being that guy or gal, your friends at MediaJobsDaily are here with a few simple reminders to keep things on the up and up at your office shindig.

After all, you don’t want to become the person everyone’s gossiping about the next morning at the water cooler.

1. Eat before going to the party. “It prevents you from getting drunk,” said Thomas Farley, etiquette expert. Mister Manners told CBS News in New York, “You’re not going to get drunk off of a couple of sips of alcohol if you’ve already got something in your stomach.”

2. Go to the part-ay and mingle with big wigs. This one sounds simple enough, right? You gotta be in it to in it. Even if you’re not into your job (much less the office politics looming at a party), you should still put in face time. No one says you have to stay the entire time; just be sure you stay long enough to see people and be seen. (And oh, you may even have a little fun while you’re there, too! Smile.)

Farley explained on-air, “Your career deserves you being at that party.” Mingle and work the room! “You have to be a team player and you want to be sure to meet the VIPs. Say hi to your boss but say hi to your boss’ boss, too.”

3. Dress appropriately. In addition to behaving appropriately, it’s important to be cognizant about your outfit. Fashion expert Dawn DelRusso explained to CBS, “Younger people may think, ‘Oh, it’s a party. I’m outside of the corporate atmosphere.'” Newsflash: Even though a party may not be at your actual office, technically it’s still the office.

It’s still not the time or place to show a little skin. Treat it like an office meeting that’s off-site. Sure, you can splash things up a bit with splashes of color and textured fabrics but try to keep it tasteful.

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