Three Tips to Standing Out at Holiday Parties

There’s a certain buzz in the air this time of year, don’t you agree?

Especially here in New York City, just walking in office building lobbies and hearing exciting chatter, there’s no denying holiday parties are in full effect.

Yes, it’s time to celebrate accomplishments from the previous 12 months but it’s also time to make the most out of robust opportunities to make unforgettable impressions!

What’s better than showcasing your executive presence than mingling with leadership in a festive atmosphere? Here are three tips to standing out and making yourself known as a holiday soiree.

1. Dress to impress. Selena Soo, publicity strategist, explains, “It only takes seven seconds to make a first impression on someone. Holiday parties are a chance to use those seven seconds to your advantage by dressing to impress.”

How many times have you looked across the room and noticed countless black dresses and suits? Give up basic black and add splashes of color instead!She adds, “You’ll stand out from the crowd when you wear a bright red or royal blue dress or tie instead of the classic staple. You can even go above and beyond by getting your makeup or hair done.”

2. Prepare your 15-second pitch and have an interesting story to share. Consider this: You would never arrive at a job interview without a pitch and anecdotes in your back pocket, right? Or a client call or networking event for that matter. How is this any different?

Soo advises, “Get clear on the kind of person you would like to meet, whether it’s a potential client or a human resources representative. Come prepared to tell people what you do in a 15-second pitch so that when the opportunity comes, you’re confident and ready.”

While you’re in preparation mode, review your past year and have a few unique stories ready to share. Maybe you traveled to an exotic location or experienced serendipitous moments with clients? Soo suggests tapping into your interesting stories in order to share them with new contacts.

3. Introduce yourself to the event organizer. This tip is key especially if you don’t know anyone at the event. In fact, it’s so important that Soo mentions the organizer is one of the best people to meet in the room.

She says, “Not only do they know the guest list inside out, but they also know many of the power players in the room personally.”

Simply build rapport by letting the organizer know you’re enjoying the party and saying “what a fabulous job she did on the detailed decor.”

Here’s the kicker: When guests are happy, the organizer’s clients are happy. In turn, she or he is usually more than happy to introduce you to people you need to meet.

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