Three Ways to Find Solitude in an Otherwise Busy Day

Who’s feeling the pressure of the holidays as chaotic schedules reach a fever pitch? You’re not alone.

That’s why this piece in Psychology Today was much needed relief from an otherwise frenetic day. There are ways to slow down, check that — simple ways to slow down. You, too can take a deep breath, exhale and curtail the frenetic pace of a derailed day.

1. Make it a priority. You know how brushing your teeth is simply a matter of habit? Polly Campbell points out in her post that 10 minutes of quiet time packs a punch in terms of health benefits for your overall inner calm and peace. “This is not a luxury. It is part of taking care of your body and cultivating your spirit and it’s just as important as eating vegetables and working out.”

2. Use the spaces in between. If you’re stressed about a day at the office during your commute home, refrain from cranking up that radio. Cherish quiet time and eliminate extraneous noise. And if you’re waiting outside someone’s office or conference room for a meeting to start, refrain from texting or emailing. She writes, “I don’t always get time to sit in solitude, but the spaces in between the rest of my responsibilities allow time without noise.”

5. Create at least one daily ritual that promotes quiet. Even if you only have a few minutes to meditate in your office or go for a walk during lunchtime, you can create a ritual that centers around being quiet. Yes, it can happen but you have to make it a priority.

Campbell mentions in the piece, “When I know I’ve got a particularly cluttered day ahead, I’ll get up 15 minutes early just to drink coffee alone in the quiet. Creating pockets of solitude is a powerful way to refuel and energize your life. Make it a priority. Build it in. You’ll feel better and more equipped to manage the challenges of your day.”