Three Ways to Keep Your Career From Going Stale

We got inspired by a piece on Brazen Careerist which points out several ways to keep your career fresh.

The thing is, we’re big advocates of always keeping your career on top of your game. That is, don’t wait until you’re out of a job to revamp that resume. Do it now instead! Don’t wait until you can’t stand your job to start networking; constantly be in touch with various contacts here and there regardless.

Without sounding too preachy, here are a few other pointers you can continually work on to keep your career prowess in your control and oh-so-very polished.

1. Monitor your social media accounts. Instead of cleaning up your Facebook photo albums right before a big interview, why not continue monitoring the photos you’re tagged in? In the post, Kelly Gurnett writes, “What business dust bunnies and everything drawers have you been neglecting?”

In addition to keeping photos squeaky clean, make sure your LinkedIn profile is accurate. If you’ve won awards recently (and even not-so-recently), feel free to add them. Beef up your profile with new skills you’ve learned and honed. If old information is no longer relevant, feel free to tweak or even delete it. Spruce up your profile pics and make sure they’re recent.

Gurnett adds, “A big part of personal branding is being easily recognizable across all social platforms. Pick a photo that’s classy but also shows your personality, then use it for all of your profiles. Attaching it to your main email via Gravatar will allow that pic to show up whenever you comment on sites or forums as well.”

2. Stay on top of your resume. Again, instead of waiting until you’re hard core job hunting, update it as you go along. And if you’re immersed in a new job for merely a few weeks or months, what better time to update it than the present? Everything will be fresh in your mind and you’ll probably still have the job description available to incorporate bullets into your CV.

3. Review and evaluate your goals. Again. And then repeat. This one’s important to stay fresh and relevant. Instead of waking up one morning wondering why you’ve been in the same position for six years, check in with yourself. Do you like what you’re working on and where you’re working? If not, what would you change? Create a timeline with action-oriented goals in order to achieve them.

She writes in the piece, “It’s easy to get caught up in the daily minutiae of just getting your job done, but don’t forget to tend to your long-term goals, too.”

And we’re not saying you always have to be looking to get from Point A to Point B. If you’re pretty content with your current status, that’s great! Simply create goals to keep your momentum staying strong.

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