Thrush Bids Adieu to Politico Blog

Clarification: Thrush is leaving the blog, but he is not leaving Politico. Just ignore him saying “goodbye” in the headline. It’s not really goodbye for good. This was initially confusing.

In a “Goodbye and Thanks” farewell blog entry today, Politico columnist Glenn Thrush breaks the news that he’s leaving his blog. He declares Ben Smith the “best blogger in the country.” Thrush offers no reason for his departure from the blog.

An excerpt:
“Over the last two months, I’ve shifted from the Hill to the White House — and there’s been a precipitous drop-off in posts as I tried, often unsuccessfully, to multi-task two branches of the U.S. government. For that I apologize.

Thrushblog will be replaced in the coming days by a collaborative blog covering Congress and, eventually, by a vehicle that showcases POLITICO’s expanding Congressional coverage.”

Read the full goodbye note here.