A Tumultuous Q&A for Documentary Tickled

Streamed as it happened via Facebook Live.

Following a Friday night screening in Los Angeles of the documentary Tickled, which premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and has since sparked litigation initiated by David D’Amato, the son of a New York insurance salesman, D’Amato interrupted the Q&A portion with more angry accusations. All of which was streamed via Facebook Live.

A pair of outlets in New Zeland, where the film originated, have been quick to report on the Santa Monica fracas. Meanwhile, from New York, Kiwi journalist David Farrier, whose investigative efforts were the initial spark for the documentary and who co-directed this examination of “competitive endurance tickling” with Dylan Reeve, typed up and posted a transcript of D’Amato’s words. Here’s part of what D’Amato said:

“I would like to correct one thing that you said. The legal that is pending was not dismissed. It has been currently moved. Our law is a little more complicated than your – ah – indictable offences, or your King’s Bench [inaudible] – God Save the Queen. In this country it is possible to move suits – federal suits – to another jurisdiction. Say, from Utah to New York, and still have the judge in New York try the case under Utah law, because of something called the Long Arm Statute.”

There was also a discussion in the lobby afterwards between Reeve, D’Amato and another of the film’s featured subjects, which can be viewed here.

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