Tillamook Wants Grilled Cheese Shared On Facebook

Tillamook's fun and free application puts your face on a grilled cheese sandwich that you can share with all your Facebook pals.

Grilled cheese enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that you can now imprint your likeness on a creamy, golden-brown sandy and share it with all your Facebook pals.

Yep, as of today, there’s an app for that.

Developed by Culver City, California-based Hello Design for Tillamook Cheese, which claims more than 160,000 fans on its Facebook page, the application is a snap to download and use.

Once you have it, you upload your photo, digitally “grill” it, and presto, your cheese’wich is ready to share.

Scott Arenstein, account director at Hello Design said in an e-mail:

A lot of apps are built and released on a daily basis. We wanted to launch this in a special way. By connecting Tillamook with celebrities and chefs, we brought Tillamook into the pop culture conversation. We wanted to raise awareness and create buzz around Tillamook brand. It was also a way to establish one-on-one engagement with Tillamook’s active fanbase and to attract and start conversations with new fans.

Well, in this particular case, we could not agree more.

Readers, what do you think about Tillamook and Hello Design’s viral marketing effort here?