KFI Newsman Talks About Looming Health Insurance Nightmare

Filling in this week for Aron Bender, KFI AM 640’s Rob Archer (pictured) did a solid job last night with the news breaks and nightly 9-9:30 p.m. “News Bender” segment on The Tim Conway Jr. Show. As per usual, Conway Jr. kibbitzed with his partner in news crime all the way through the segment, leading at one point to a  startling revelation.

Although Archer explained that he had comprehensive health care coverage at his previous employer, he said he is now dealing with a very concerning residual problem. A lot of the procedures and tests he had done at that time (like a gall bladder operation) are now coming back to him in urgent letter form as having been “out of network.”

And are you ready for this number? Archer told Conway Jr. the expenses in dispute could eventually fall in the pre-Obama care neighborhood of $250,000.

For those seeking solace from the incredibly serpentine U.S. health care system, there’s always cat videos. On last night’s “News Bender,” Archer played an excerpt of a feline screeching along to Led Zeppelin‘s “Immigrant Song.”

[Photo courtesy @RobArcher]

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