TIME Brings Lincoln to Tears

If this week’s cover of TIME: “Why we’re still fighting the Civil War” looks familiar, it’s because you may remember a similar 2007 cover featuring President Ronald Reagan.  Illustrator Tim O’Brien, the same artist who painted a tear on Reagan’s face for the much discussed issue titled, “How the Right Went Wrong,” made President Lincoln weep this week to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War on April 12th.

The cover story is written by David Von Drehle and explores the role of slavery in causing the Civil War. Von Drehle writes that it was the once obvious truth of the war that “it was slavery that had broken the nation.” A Yale historian tells TIME, “No matter what we do, or the overwhelming consensus among historians, out in the public mind there is still this need to deny that slavery was the cause of the war.”

Check out Von Drehle’s piece, “The Way We Weren’t” here.

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