Time For the Annual ‘LA Has Crappy Air’ Story Smorgasborg

*Yawn* It’s that time of year again. You know the time. When the American Lung Association puts out its annual list of the cities with the worst air. And guess what *yawn* *cough cough* *yawn* *hack* Los Angeles is on top yet again. For the 327th year in a row, Los Angeles has the worst big-city air quality in America. Which means there will be about 10,000 stories in the next few days about how awful it is here. The crazy thing is smog and soot levels have dropped significantly in the past decade and we’re STILL number one.

Not to fear though LA. Rising gas prices and continued high unemployment should help clean up our air right quick. People can’t even afford to shop at Walmart anymore, so what are the odds of them continuing to drive around polluting our air all day? Not good! Hooray empire in decline!

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