Time Inc. Going to the Dogs

Leased space at Brooklyn's Industry City will be extremely dog-friendly.

Keith J. Kelly has, if you’ll pardon the expression, the Brooklyn poop and scoop.


Per an internal Time Inc. memo obtained by the Post media columnist, a 55,000 square foot two-floor space being prepared at the sprawling Industry City complex in Sunset Park will, by years’ end, house around 300 members of the media company’s technology, production and engineering departments. Along with a great many employee pooches:

“Dogs are permitted in the space (they must be on a leash in common areas),” the memo says. “We will keep conference rooms dog-free to accommodate staff with allergies; an area of the office will likewise be designated as a canine-free zone.”

Further on down in his item, Kelly mentions that former EW editor in chief Matt Bean will also be making the Brooklyn move, to oversee various projects including a new auto industry vertical, The Drive. Kelly has some separately sourced details about editor and GM hires for The Drive.

Update (October 9):
It turns out dogs will not be joining Time Inc. employees in Brooklyn. From Keith J. Kelly’s follow-up:

The company was originally hoping to make the Brooklyn facility dog-friendly, with the hope it could induce some of the pooch-loving techies from the West Coast to make the leap east.

But at the end of the day, it has the same pet regulations as the rest of the company: No dogs allowed.

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