Time, Inc. Calls it Quits on the TouchPad

Reading options on the HP TouchPad are about to get a little bit thinner.

Time posted a notice over the weekend that they are bout to abandon the platform. This publisher was one of the high points at the TouchPad launch, and apps for Time Magazine, People, Sports Illustrated, and Fortune were available shortly after launch. But now it looks like all that work was for naught; the apps will no longer be updated after 10 March.

Time plans to refund customers for their unfilled subscriptions; there’s no word yet on whether the apps will continue to function after the EOL, but it seems likely that previously purchased content won’t be available for download after the cut off.

If you cannot live without these magazines on your TouchPad, you might want to consider Zinio. This digital magazine distributor still has a TouchPad app, and there has been no indication that it will be retired.