Time Inc. Adding Beauty, Style and Food Influencer Hubs

Company plans two new contributor networks: Time Inc. Connect and Springboard.

The umbrella name for this digital destination is Time Inc. Connect. Per Digiday’s Max Willens, the initial plan calls for the engagement of 50 to 75 influencers-slash-contributors each for separate communities focused on Beauty, Style and Food. It’s unclear at press time if and-or how these contributors will be paid.

The other Time Inc. digital project tipped by Willens, Springboard, will be anchored to events. For example, during the proof-of-concept phase, Essence magazine editors tapped people to create content about the 2016 Essence Festival in Durban, South Africa scheduled for Nov. 8-13.

Another intriguing aspect touched on by Willens is that one or both of these contributor platforms may wind up being parked within Time Inc.’s The Foundry branded content studio. And as such, tilt towards the sponsored end of things.

To Time Inc.’s credit, they continue across all departments and properties to actively search for new ways to make the digital-content model work. It will be interesting to see how high up the chain of influencers they go for these Time Inc. Connect slots.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.