Time Inc. Is Introducing Several New iPad Apps For Their Magazines, Boasts Industry Leaders Among Titles

Time Inc. is launching a slew of new apps for their various titles. At today’s Time Warner investor day, Time Inc. chairman and CEO Ann Moore told the audience about some of new products we have to look forward to: Real Simple, for instance, will introduce apps for $4.99 that will tackle issues relating to cooking and cleaning and will be made available at the end of this year on a number of devices, including the iPad, iPhone and Android.

According to Mediaweek, there are “skeptics who question the business benefit e-readers will bring magazines, despite the hope that they’ll help the industry offset its advertising declines and capture circulation revenue,” but Moore remained enthusiastic about the role e-readers will play for magazines in the very near future.

In her presentation to Time Warner investors today, the company happily shared the fact that it is a leader in its industry, boasting $3.7 million in magazine revenue in 2009 and, in the same year, 105 million U.S. magazine readers and 48 million U.S. online visitors. Additionally, it showed that lifestyle title readership is up 18 percent since 2003, with Real Simple and Cooking Light poised as top titles in women’s lifestyle magazines and top epicurean magazines, respectively.

The powerpoint also shows how the recession impacted several titles, with total group PIB ad revenue in 2008-09, with style and entertainment dropping 2 percent between those two years, lifestyle experiencing a 7 percent drop and news and sports seeing a drop of 19 percent.

On a positive note, however, magazine advertising, which had, obviously experienced a decline, is either holding steady or seeing a boost across different magazine titles.

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