Time Magazine Launches Kindle-Exclusive Book on the History of the Birth Control Pill

Here’s another Kindle-exclusive eBook. To coincide with a special issue marking the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, Time Magazine is launching a short, Kindle-exclusive eBook called Love, Sex, Freedom and the Paradox of the Pill by the magazine’s executive editor, Nancy Gibbs. The eBook costs $5.59 and will be exclusive to Kindle for one year.

Here’s what Amazon says about the book in the official release: “Love, Sex, Freedom and the Paradox of the Pill is expanded from a May 3 TIME cover story on the birth control pill. The book traces the invention of the pill half a century ago by its unlikely pioneers–from the early feminists looking for a way to free women from the fears of frequent childbirth to a prominent Catholic doctor who was seeking a treatment for infertility and instead found a guarantee of it. It traces the social upheavals that coincided with the pill’s arrival and asks which ones it actually caused. It follows the unfolding attitudes of women toward the first form of contraception that they could totally control–and the backlash in recent years among social conservatives who once welcomed the pill as a blessing and now challenge it as a threat. And it explores the social, political and philosophical issues that men and women face when considering the most private questions of family life.”

It’s likely we’ll see more and more of this kind of eBook–based on an article, and whipped up too quickly for print, as eBooks continue to take a firmer hold.

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