Time Magazine Puts Facebook Privacy Front And Center

The Time magazine cover story for the May 31st edition puts Facebook privacy at the center of the discussion about the future of the internet (and the company). While Facebook is working hard to release new privacy settings that make things more simple for users, the question of how much users are willing (and should be expected) to share is on everybody’s minds.

Ultimately, very little that’s new is revealed in the article. Instead, the article highlights Mark Zuckerberg’s well publicized position that privacy is changing and the world is becoming more transparent. As he tells Time Magazine, “What people want isn’t complete privacy. It isn’t that they want secrecy. It’s that they want control over what they share and what they don’t.”

Additionally, Dan Fletcher, who wrote the Time Magazine piece argues that Mark Zuckerberg needs to be more transparent with the public and “make his case for an era of openness”. While making his case is something that I don’t think is necessary, being transparent about how and why the company is choosing to implement settings the way that they have is critical.

What has become pretty clear at this point is that change is afoot at Facebook. While there is ongoing debate about how Facebook will implement privacy settings in the future, there should be a formal statement from Mark Zuckerberg in the coming days at which point new privacy settings will be announced.