A New Home for the Time Magazine Time Capsule

Everything remains on schedule for 2023.

LinenLetterHow’s this for a great description of managing a move like the one Time magazine and other Time Inc. properties recently completed from Midtown to Lower Manhattan:

Moving a magazine is like ordering 100,000 gallons of alphabet soup, to go.

That sentence began a letter from Time magazine publisher James A. Linen at the front of the March 21, 1960 issue. The alphabet soup analogy still holds true, as does another daisy chain: a time capsule, in the form of a copper box, first buried in June, 1959 and now set to be stored at Time Inc.’s new headquarters.

According to an item by Time archive editor Lily Rothman and photo editor Lizabeth Ronk, the plan is still to ceremonially open the capsule in 2023. By that year, most if not all of the enclosed artifacts will surely seem even more outdated. Everything except, perhaps, the magazine’s beloved red pencil.

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