Time Out New York Pairs Up With Foursquare

Time Out New York has teamed up with Foursquare to allow their readers to instantly alert and/or annoy their online friends as they make their way around this great city of ours.

Foursquare users can unlock the “Time Out New York Happy Hour” badge on the networking service by checking in at four of TONY special, approved locations. The magazine tried to ensure that there’s something for everyone, be you a beer pong-playing college student splashing what one hopes to be beer onto my purse at Boss Tweed’s, or an ironically-mustache’d hipster (Sorry. Fauxhemian?) trying to steal a bit of my complimentary pizza at The Charleston.

Time Out senior web editor Michael Martin explains why the two decided to work together:

Social media has become an essential part of going out in New York City, and with our Foursquare partnership, Time Out New York is leading the way as a new media nightlife authority.

For the complete rundown of TONY‘s 30, Foursquare-ready locations, click here.

And, while you’re out and about, drinking and Twittering and Foursquaring and accidentally leaving your iPhone prototype in bars, maybe you can help settle TONY‘s debate about whether Manhattan or Brooklyn helps more people forget that Queens exists.

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