Time-People Party: Stars Mingle With Journos, Photogs Kicked to the Curb

We heard it all night long. “He’s so hot! He’s so hot, I can’t stand it!” He would be actor Matthew Morrison (above), the Glee Club director on the hit show “Glee.”

A number of stars and journos came out for the Time-People party Friday night at the St. Regis where journos like Time’s Richard Stengel and Michael Crowley, CBS’s Christine DeLargy, FishbowlDC’s Matt Dornic (and his mom), as well as The Hill’s Christina Wilkie and Emily Goodin made the rounds. CNN’s Executive Producer of “John King, USA” Michelle Jaconi, PR rep Edie Emery and PR maven Janet Donovan were in the crowd, as was former FNC host Rita Cosby, in from Manhattan to attend the WHCD. For a good while, Gayle King was seen mixing it up with Politico’s Ann Schroeder Mullins, Kiki Ryan and Patrick Gavin.

NBC was there: Andrea Mitchell, Savannah Guthrie and Luke Russert. Top Obama aide Valerie Jarrett also stopped by.

Isn’t this precious? It’s Gayle King and Gabourey Sidebe.

More stars in attendance:
Patricia Arquette (hung outside on a couch for about 20 minutes before coming in, and later left with Wendie Malick); Chace Crawford, Glee’s Morrison, Tony Romo (who all came and left together); Richard Schiff; Elizabeth Shue (the childhood crush of at least one journo at the party); CeCe Pounder; Cheryl Hines; Steven Weber; and David Pfeiffer.

The only wrinkle in the evening occurred with photographers not hired by Time-People. D.C. Tony Powell, who has shot for Washington Life among other outlets around town, had to check his camera at the door. Neshan Naltchayan, who is shooting for PR maven Tammy Haddad all weekend, was not permitted inside. He was waiting on the hotel curbside when FishbowlDC arrived and wasn’t thrilled about the situation.

We hope the rest of the weekend goes more smoothly for him. With Haddad’s afternoon soiree today, we’re sure it will. As in, we’re sure she’ll let him in without a hassle considering he’s working for her.

Photographs above were taken by Michael Loccisano and Larry Bussacca.

Valerie Jarrett and Time’s Richard Stengel.

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