TIME Unveils Swampland 2.0 and Battleland Blogs

Managing Editor of TIME.com Jim Frederick and Rick Stengel, the managing editor of TIME, announced today the re-launch of their popular Swampland blog.  In addition, TIME.com welcomed to the blogosphere “Battleland.” Led by Pentagon and defense correspondent Mark Thompson, Battleland will serve as TIME.com’s desitination for U.S. military and defense issues. Additional contributors will include Eben Harrell, Massimo Calabresi, Mark Benjamin, Ishaan Tharoor, and Dave Deptula.

To check out Swampland’s new and improved design, longer enterprise stories, photo galleries, Twitter streams and viewpoints, click here.  And catch up on national security headlines and issues via Battleland here.

Memo from Stengel and Frederick after the jump.

Since its debut just a few years ago, TIME.com’s Swampland has grown into one of the Web’s premier blogs for daily dispatches of political insight. Today, we are very pleased to announce a completely new and improved Swampland—Swampland 2.0—TIME.com’s comprehensive politics vertical, an offering in form and content that is far richer and wider-ranging than a mere blog. Swampland still offers all of the in-the-moment analysis from our unrivaled team of correspondents, but it is also coordinates and consolidates all of TIME.com’s political coverage—longer enterprise stories, photo galleries, Twitter streams, viewpoints and other content including a completely new and improved commenting system—into one, well-organized and beautifully designed package.

Under the guidance of bureau chief Michael Duffy, our D.C. correspondents—Alex Altman, Jay Newton-Small, Massimo Calabresi, Michael Crowley, Michael Scherer—as well as New York counterparts Kate Pickert and Adam Sorensen—will continue to post multiple times a day, and Mark Halperin’s The Page will be featured prominently on the channel as well. Analysis from Joe Klein, David von Drehle, Mike Grunwald and others will be featured in an area of the site called Viewpoints. The new site will feature a Twitter module with the latest tweets from TIME reporters, DC insiders and politicians, and we are proud to be unveiling a state-of-the-art commenting platform from Disqus. Take a look here: http://swampland.time.com/

Additionally, our Pentagon and defense correspondent Mark Thompson, who was just too prolific to contain within Swampland blog, will now be the lead contributor for a new TIME.com blog called Battleland. Battleland, which also launches today, will be a key destination for national-security professionals and anyone else who follows U.S. military and defense issues. Additional contributors will include Eben Harrell, Massimo Calabresi, Mark Benjamin, Ishaan Tharoor, and Dave Deptula. You can visit it here: http://battleland.blogs.time.com/

Special thanks to Simon Fung who produced the designs, to Micah Ernst who built the site, and to Shanta Speller who managed the development. Thanks go as well to Christine Lim, Katie Rooney, Bonnie Kroll, Srivaths Lakshmi and Laura Detmer who were all incredibly helpful during the entire process. Additional gratitude goes to Daniel Eisenberg and Cathy Sharick who provided managerial guidance from the project’s inception.

Final and particular thanks goes to Swampland’s editor Adam Sorensen, who has distinguished himself from the outset in conceiving, planning and executing his vision for everything that the new site could become. This is just the beginning and we look forward to watching Swampland and Battleland hit new heights.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with these successful new sites.

-Rick and Jim

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