Time Website Revamp Delayed

Those of you waiting on the new Time.com are going to have to wait a bit longer. The New York Post is reporting that Time.com’s relaunch has been pushed back, and might not happen until six weeks from now.

Time has been planning an update to its website since back in May, when Edward Felsenthal,Time.com’s managing editor, mentioned wanting to increase the site’s impact. “We want to play in a bigger space and on a bigger scale,” he said then.

Details about the new Time.com are still few and far between. The Post has learned that its being designed by Big Human, and it’ll be the agency’s first news site project. There will be more video and — as with most media companies these days — more native ads.

Even though the Time.com revamp has been in the news (okay, maybe just media nerd news) since May, Nancy Gibbs, Time’s managing editor, isn’t worried about the site’s timetable. “At various times, it had different dates attached to it, but I’m not terribly focused on a fixed date,” she told the Post.

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