Times Metro Desk Got Tipsy Ahead of Journal‘s Metro Launch

Gearing up for a skirmish over today’s debut of The Wall Street Journal‘s “Greater New York” section, reporters for The New York Times‘ did what any grizzled journo does before a fight — chugged some beer.

A Times reporter tells FishbowlNY that on Thursday, the paper’s Metro staff threw some sort of pep rally to ready itself for the then-forthcoming launch. Treats included pizza and Foster’s beer — an apparent hat-tip to the Australian homeland of Journal publisher Rupert Murdoch.

The celebration may yet prove a case of a haughty incumbent tooting its own horn while ignoring an encroaching threat, but for now we’re willing to applaud the Times staff for its humorous (if not entirely delicious) beverage selection.

Foster’s: Australian for “The Times is not afraid of you.”

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