Time’s Stengel: the ‘Rock Star’

As first alerted to us by Politico‘s Playbook, Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel got rock star treatment last night as he received City Year Washington D.C.’s 2010 Lifetime of Idealism Award. The award ceremony was at the Ronald Regan building. Stengel won for his “tireless commitment to expanding national service and inspiring Americans to serve.”

VP Biden’s spokesman Jay Carney (former D.C. Bureau Chief of Time) and Sonal Shah of the White House office of social innovation and social participation, showed up to show administration support.

A Time spokeswoman described the evening as “a great, energetic night led by the City Year Corps, Stengel was greeted like a rock star.” He already has a City Year red jacket (like the iconic one Sen. Edward Kennedy often wore) so they gave him a hand-painted decorative Timberland boot (part of standard issue City Year Corps uniform).

Stengel’s acceptance speech sounded presidential: “The reason I got behind the notion of national service, to invoke Ben Franklin, was basically the idea of serving others; of a nation whereby we do well for ourselves, but we also look to help others,” he said. “It’s in our DNA as Americans, it is the golden thread of the fabric of America. The framers who created this country, who created a Republic, who created a representative democracy knew that it was not a machine that would run by itself. It had to exist by people participating. Democracy only thrives when people participate.”