TinierMe Lets You Become Your Dream Anime Character

Today, TinierMe launched their virtual world and gaming site focused on Japanese animation, or anime, and it’s off to a promising start. The virtual world allows you to create an anime version of yourself called a ‘selfy’ and explore the anime-inspired world using your character. The entire world is all about Japanese culture and revolves around you playing games and interacting with other players to gain chibi coins and expand your avatar and room.

The first thing you do in TinierMe is create your ‘selfy’, and then begin to decorate him/her. Once that’s done, you get the ability to roam the virtual world or play games to earn experience and level up your character. The games that are currently available are Doki Doki IQ High School, Sevens, Tinier Fishing and Old Maid, but a series of games are yet to be released. The level of quality on Doki Doki IQ High School is high, and the games are fun. They are standard Brain Age type fare, but with a Japanese twist and great sound effects. It’s also a good feeling to play the games and then earn experience and coins that you can use on your avatar and more. At its best, the Doki games feel like Nintendo DS games, with great music and sound effects to round out the package.

If you’ve ever browsed the web in Japanese or headed to any Japanese community sites, you’ll recognize the layout of the page. It’s a very Japanese style, with smaller buttons along the sides of the page. At first glance, the home portal for TinierMe can seem a bit daunting compared to some of the other social games out there right now, but you get used to it fast. I’d like it if my home page had a little more instruction on what I should be doing, but we’ll likely see improvements as the site improves and number of games increases.

“In Japan, we focus on constant reengineering of a product’s original design to ensure long term success and user engagement. TinierMe will introduce U.S. consumers to authentic Japanese concepts through a unique virtual world that will evolve with their input,” said Masaru ‘Nogi’ Ohnogi, CEO of TinierMe. “With TinierMe, users can create their own anime-inspired avatars and join a virtual world where they can explore their creativity without the limitations of everyday life.”

Check out the game at TinierMe.com.

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