TinyCo, Fox Digital Entertainment partner for Family Guy mobile game

Tiny Village developer TinyCo and Fox Digital Entertainment have today announced a partnership to develop a mobile game based on the popular Family Guy television show. The game will see players meeting and interacting with their favorite characters from the show in an original storyline influenced by the series’ previous episodes and current events.

“Mobile platforms are a new frontier for engaging with your favorite characters and worlds,” said Rick Phillips, SVP at Fox Digital Entertainment, in a statement. “With over more than a decade on the air, Family Guy has built a world like no other with some of the most beloved characters in entertainment today. This game will bring the best of the Family Guy experience to mobile gamers all over the world.”

The Family Guy mobile game will see players adventuring throughout Quahog, recruiting some characters from the show, and confronting others. Tiny Co is working with the show’s writers to create the storyline and dialog, ensuring the game will have an authentic experience for players.

“Family Guy is an amazing show that’s famous for its sharp wit, unpredictable storytelling, and hilarious cast of characters,” added Suli Ali, CEO of TinyCo. “We’re capturing that essence and providing players with an awesome way to get their Family Guy fix every day.”

The Family Guy mobile game will launch as a free download on iOS and Android sometime in 2014. Check back soon for more.

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