TinySpark launches private beta of mobile sweepstakes platform

Image via TinySpark

TinySpark has announced the private beta launch of its real-money digital sweepstakes platform, which allows mobile developers to offer completely legal sweepstakes in their apps in all 50 states. TinySpark has also announced it has joined Peter Relan’s Studio 9+ Accelerator, a nine-month mentorship program for young companies.

TinySpark’s platform allows developers to add sweepstakes to their apps, while taking care of the complexities associated with real-money prizes. Over a dozen mobile developers have already joined TinySpark’s program, which aims to improve viral user acquisition and overall monetization via the added incentive users receive from the potential to win real-world cash prizes.

“Large consumer brands like McDonalds have recently begun leveraging sweepstakes mechanics on platforms like WeChat to incentivize key user behaviors,” said Ryan DeSanto, CEO of TinySpark, in a statement. “TinySpark makes the efficiency of that model accessible to mobile app publishers of any size, leveling the playing field and increase monetization opportunities.”

Through the Studio 9+ Accelerator, which was announced in August, new companies receive investment funds and mentorship to help them grow and become self-sufficient.

“With today’s crowded App Store marketplaces, customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value are easily the biggest challenges that mobile app developers face today,” added Relan, founder of Studio 9+. “We are thrilled to have Ryan and Austin as a part of our first class of entrepreneurs; they have built an first-class product that addresses a very real and expensive problem facing mobile publishers.”

TinySpark is currently accepting applications to its private beta program, with more information available on its website.

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