Tips for Brands Leveraging Influencers

Guest post by Jeremy Barnett, CEO of Trendy Butler.

This is a guest post by Jeremy Barnett, CEO of men’s apparel subscription service Trendy Butler.

Knowing your brand and the audience that your brand will speak to is imperative for a ROI-based influencer campaign.

So lets dive in.

Lets start with the example of marketing a men’s clothing brand on a high-profile male account (think Bieber).

In theory this could generate a ton of views without having the expected ROI.

Why, you ask? Simply put, if the views are from young girls who follow the influencer because every other shot has a picture of him with his shirt off, then you surely won’t get the return you desire. When planning your campaign, it’s critical to produce an organic-feeling post on the correct influencer’s account. You want to get your message across while staying consistent with the page on which you have chosen to market your product/service.

An interesting alternative strategy can be focused around destination pages that have followings in line with a target audience specific to your product.

These types of accounts have the potential to yield great results if executed correctly.  A high-end watch designer would, in theory, want to market his/her watches on a luxury page. A word of caution with this strategy, though: audiences can be deceiving. A destination page may be focused on a lifestyle that is more appealing to a 20-year-old kid who wants to drive Lamborghinis but is strapped for cash compared to a page based on travel that features destinations for couples who have money to spend. Pick where you spend your paid media dollars wisely and remember that everything is negotiable.

The difference between success and failure with influencer marketing lays squarely on the entrepreneur behind the campaign.

Influencer marketing only works if you can negotiate a marketing spend with specific customer acquisition costs in mind. If proper terms have been set up between your company and the influencer, immediate ROI should be anticipated. Keep in mind that failure of the campaign can occur if there is a bigger internal issue: for example, a poorly designed User Interface coupled with a mediocre product will surely hinder any related campaign. For argument’s sake, lets assume these business components are set up correctly.

Now the fun begins….

Hire professionals with a following…meaning a proper production team with a following! You will benefit from “free” behind-the-scenes posts that will yield immediate ROI. Remember that everyone needs content, especially the influencers you are paying to post!

With respect to content production, shooting an influencer campaign is different than what most companies are familiar with. Engaging with a production crew that has the right experience will produce content that has legs before, during, and after your campaign.  Cutting corners and poor planning will show in the final result. If you treat this like a real shoot with industry professionals, you will get professional results.  The better the content, the more love each influencer will give you.

Enjoy the ride–the rules associated with “Marketing 101” are changing rapidly and this is just the beginning.

Happy hunting!

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