‘Tis the Season to be Jolly: Coping With Hangovers at the Office

Egg nog, anyone? If you tend to spike your holiday beverage, suffice it to say the next morning may not exactly be pleasant. Add a morning commute and desk job to the mix and it is not a pretty situation.

As per a Caron Treatment Centers survey, 64 percent of Americans have called in sick (or they know someone who’s done it) as a result of feeling a bit under the weather. And by that, of course we mean hungover.

According to a piece in The New York Post, there are a few survival tips. First, assess the situation. If you’re still inebriated from the previous night or concerned you’ll be chained to the porcelain God all day, then arriving to work isn’t such a great idea. Not only will you be sick, you can potentially harm your reputation.

Next, you should get moving! Fitness expert Mira Calton told the newspaper, “It may not be what you feel like doing, but you will feel better if you get your body moving. As you move, oxygen will be delivered to your cells, and this will increase the rate of detoxification.”

And if you ate one too many wings the night before the following day should include healthy meals. The remedy? Opt for a green juice or food that’s light on the stomach like dry toast or soup.

If you muster enough strength to go to the office, try to keep it light as well. Your ability to make decisions may not be as sharp as they would be on another day. The goal is to have an easy day with tasks that you’ve accomplished before; this is not a day for mental gymnastics.

Lastly, even when you are hungover and doing your best to forge ahead with a low maintenance day, there’s no need to broadcast your physical and mental state to others. If anyone mentions you seem a bit sluggish, chalk it up to insomnia or feeling under the weather and not the alcohol.