Tiziano Project Developing New Citizen Journalist Platform

The goal of LA’s non-profit Tiziano Project is a noble one. The organization works with citizens in “conflict, post-conflict and under-reported regions” to help them train as amateur journalists while also improving their day-to-day lives.

One of the tools used for this ongoing effort is Tiziano 360°, launched last year via a project in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Tiziano’s director of business development, Mara Abrams, chatted recently with GlobalVoices.org and indicated that an expanded version of this software is in the works:

“The new technology, which launches this summer, will make a similar type of storytelling project available for implementation by any organization or citizen reporter who signs up for an account. We will also curate the best of these projects, displaying them onto a world map with a layer of text dialogue around them.”

If you’re looking for a snapshot of just how radically the Internet has affected conflict-area reporting, check out the dozen twentysomething chroniclers helping Tiziano 360° keep tabs on Iraq.

[Pictured: Kurdistan Tiziano journalist Karokh Nuraddin]

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