TMZ Founder Appalled by Bristol’s Words

TMZ’s openly gay founder Harvey Levin promos a video they got of Bristol Palin dealing with a nasty heckler at the Saddle Ranch Chop House in West Hollywood. The scene was being shot for Palin’s reality show “Sunset Strip.” Levin wrote on Twitter today,  “This video of Bristol Palin at Saddle Ranch is incredible…she immediately assumes the guy screaming at her is gay…then gets homophobic.”

While Bristol was riding the mechanical bull, a man in the bar called her mother a “whore” and eventually, after she confronts him, gets in her face and calls her a “f–king bitch.” Bristol asks, “Is is because you’re a homosexual, is that why you hate her?”

Levin continued on Twitter, “The guy screaming at her is an a-hole for sure -uncalled for. but she immediately thinks the most disparaging thing to say is that he’s gay. … The thing I’m trying to figure out….Did Bristol get this from her mom?”

Watch here.