Marty Baron’s Plan for WaPo: Revive the Metro Section

Marty Baron, the new executive editor of WaPo, spoke to The New Republic‘s Paul Starobin in a story out today on what happens now? He addresses where Baron will take the publication in the post Marcus Brauchli era. The TNR piece by the ex-Washingtonian bluntly says Baron didn’t offer many details as to what he will do, but he reads between the lines.

“In our conversation, Baron was for the most part unforthcoming as to his vision for the newspaper, with one telling exception—Metro coverage,” he writes, adding that at the Boston Globe, Baron shut down all foreign bureaus to focus on local coverage.

The story quotes NYT‘s Peter Baker: “There’s a perception it’s not the paper it was.” Starobin also says Baron still has a grudge against NYT‘s David Carr for writing a column saying local-oriented newspapers are irrelevant.

TNR doesn’t shy away from blatantly insulting WaPo’s political coverageAn excerpt:

“The Post has a few ascending stars, such as Ezra Klein, creator of the popular Wonkblog, and Chris Cillizza, founder of the politics-obsessed The Fix. But coverage of the Hill, the White House, the Federal Reserve, is done better by competitors.” 

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