To Build Trust, Brands Shouldn’t Interrupt the Intimacy of a Mobile User’s Experience

Visa's Kim Kadlec says brands better pressure-test their content to ensure it's meaningful

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Fitting perfectly into the theme of Marketing In An Interruptive World put forth by Adweek and Bloomberg Media at a business breakfast last week, Kimberly Kadlec, Visa’s svp of Visa’s global marketing platform, explained the cautions that marketers need to take when wading into mobile waters. She addressed the issue onstage as part of a panel discussion but also shared more thoughts with Adweek after the panel.

“Really, truly understanding the intimacy of that [mobile] device, and how much time it spends alongside a human being, is incredibly important,” said Kadlec.

Check out the video above. And check out this other video from the Adweek Bloomberg breakfast.

Kim Kadlec

@jcoopernyc James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek.